Sunday, 23 August 2009

Great time away in Scotland, a real break form CV and applications, and phonecalls to studios. Great to see good friends as well, photos to follow! Its been really difficult this whole jobless thing. I thought I would manage it ok second time around (I am a former MG Rover employee), but I have struggles for motivation, confidence, and everyone appears to be in the same boat. The top floor office can also be a very lonely place to be. And now I am on the verge of a 3 day trial interview with a company, yet it has not sunk in. How many others are going through this, thousands I think. Oh well, an early night, shine my shoes (as someone once emailed me), pack my lunch, (any suggestions are welcome as to the content of that one), iron my fetching shirt, and work out exactly where I have to be at 8am tomorrow morning. Oh and most importantly, seek the input of the master designer, without whom this new opportunity would never have come about, and thanks also to Duncan F.


Linda A said...

Hope today went well Adam - was thinking of you...knock them out.
Your sketches above are amazing!
L xx

Beng said...

Give me a call sometime and let me know how your getting on. Spoke to C the other day which was good, she was busy making cakes with the kids - sounded like fun, but she refused to send me one :(
Hope this week has been good and the interview went well. I remember your old sketches, however they don't look old at all, in fact they still look bang on, would be interesting to see how you would go about doing something like this now, and if your style has changed much.
Take care mate.